The Bear Necessities

Chrys Stevenson (Portrait by Michael Barnett)

Chrys Stevenson (Portrait by Michael Barnett)


This blog focuses on religion, science, politics and skepticism – all the things that are dangerous to talk about at dinner parties!

Oh, and the title of this blog?  It’s a mondegreen taken from the hymn, “Gladly the cross I’d bear”.

If only all religious texts could be reduced to the harmlessness of a myopic teddy bear!


I will be at Brisbane Skepticamp on Saturday, 4 July, to launch a major charitable fundraising project.

With podcaster, Jake Farr-Wharton, I will be co-hosting the Australian Skeptics National Convention in Brisbane from 16-18 October at QUT Gardens Point.


If you like my writing, you can see more of it scattered across the internet. My LinkedIn profile

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Many thanks to Glenn Watson for producing the Gladly, the Cross-Eyed Bear image. Also, thanks to Glenn, keep your eye out for a ‘new look’ Gladly blog. Coming soon!